Politic App

College students could be more engaged in understanding local political candidates if there's an engaging and informative digital experience.

College students need an easier way to understand politics, especially at the local level. 

The Politic app aims to create an easy and engaging experience for college students to obtain information about local political candidates and issues. By creating an easier way for college students to obtain detailed, unbiased information about local candidates, it might be easier for them to develop informed opinions. Actually having an opinion may encourage political activity.

Project Length:
6 weeks

Wireframing, prototyping, developing personas, crafting narratives, designing mobile user experience and interface

This project was selected for exhibition in Works from Herron School of Art and Design
Ann Miller Gallery,
Wittenberg University, 
Springfield, Ohio



Learn all about the federal, state, or local cadidates in your voting district.

Add your favorite candidates to the ballot, which you can review and print before heading to the poll.

Compare two candidates side by side in order to determine which one you align most with.

If you are uncertain about the facts surrounding a certain topic, reference the handbook.

Interface and Poster