Hi! I'm Michelle.

I'm endlessly curious and love to tackle complex problems. When I found out that research, strategy, and design magically intersect, I knew I found my place in service design. I am curious about how I can work with people to facilitate the creation and improvement of experiences. Always integrating my visual design skills, I have conducted research and designed concepts to address opportunities in a variety of contexts.

I can uniquely see both the big picture and the small details. I'm usually the one in the group making sure that we are correctly defining problems and asking the right questions.

I prefer to work with others because I sincerely believe that multiple minds are better than one. Though soft-spoken, I thrive in team environments because of my compassionate and diplomatic nature, as well as my willingness to listen.

A few things...

  • I have a strong love of single-origin coffee, especially when brewed via Aeropress.
  • To make me laugh, just tell me your worst pun.
  • Peggy Olson from Mad Men is my favorite fictional character.